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What is a key fob & how to replace it:

Today most cars and more than a few homes and business have remote control locks (also called keyless entry locks) to lock and unlock doors and provide other functions. In many cases these remote control locks are operated using a key fob, which is programmed to your specific car, home or business.

A key fob is a small plastic, metal or electronic item that is attached to key chain and contains a battery which operates a short range radio signal which is programmed to provide certain functions. Key fobs for remote control locks normally are use to lock and unlock doors, and when used with a car may also start the car engine and open the trunk all with the push of a button. In addition, your car key fob may also have a red panic button that sounds the horn repeatedly until the panic button is turned off, usually by pressing another button. The panic button is often used by people who can’t find their car in a busy parking lot or when feeling in danger when they are near or in their car to draw attention to what is happening. The rest of key fobs function provide convenience for the owner.

However, like everything else manufactured today, key fobs can malfunction and are some time in need of repair or need to replaced.

Things that Can Go Wrong With Your Key Fob

There are several things that can go wrong with your key fob, the most common of which may include:’

  • The batteries die
  • The key fob quits working
  • Buttons stick
  • You lose your keys with the fob attached

In most cases regardless of the problem with your key fob, it is often easier to replace the key fob with a new one and it have programmed to your house or car than it is to repair. But whether you want to try and have the key fob repaired or replaced most people need the help of a licensed and experienced locksmith to get the job done right.

A Dead Key Fob Battery

BMW Replacement  key fobKey fob batteries are made to last for the life of the key fob, however, in some cases the batteries do wear out while the key fob is still functional. There are several places that sell key fobs batteries and while it is possible to change the battery yourself, having a locksmith look at your key fob and determining whether or not is in good enough condition to continue working for long period of time after the battery is replaced is a good idea. It is never much fun to replace a battery only to discover two or three weeks down the road that the entire key fob now needs to be replaced.

Not only will a locksmith that works remote control locks of various types be able to tell you if your fob as well as your battery needs to be replaced, they can replace it and reprogram it for you should the need arise. And if it happens your key fob simply needs the battery itself replaced they can do that for you as well.

Sticking Fob Buttons

Sticking fob buttons are either due to something be spilled on your key fob or a sign that your key fob is wearing out. In either case replacing the fob may be simpler and less expensive than trying to repair buttons that are continuously getting stuck leaving you unable to remotely unlock your doors or your car’s trunk.

Here again you are going to want to visit a licensed locksmith that knows about remote control locks and fobs to have them replace the fob for you and program it to your car or home. While it may be possible to repair a sticking fob button the time and effort involved combined with what may be less than perfect results makes it a better idea to get the fob replaced rather than try and get the repairs completed.

Key Fob Just Quit Working

There is nothing worse than coming out of a long day of work to discover that you key fob for your car or home has simply and completely stopped working. In a case such as this there is nothing you can do except to visit your local locksmith and have them diagnosis the problem. While a dead key fob may be nothing more than the need for a new battery it may also mean that it is time to replace that old key fob with a new one that will function as it is meant to function.

Lost Key Fob

If you have lost your key fob, chances are you probably lost your entire key ring so visiting that local locksmith is going to be necessary in order to get new keys made for your car, home, and/or business as well as having the key fob replaced so you can remotely open your doors.

Here at Arizona Key Locksmith Replacement Key Fob service we can replace a variety of key fobs for both your home and your car. Some of the car manufacturers we can replace key fobs for include: Acura, Brick, Cadillac, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Lincoln, Mercury, Pontiac, Saturn, Toyota, Hyunda, Infiniti and more.

We have skilled locksmiths on staff that can handle all of your locksmith needs including replacing those key fobs and programming them so that they work just like your old key fob.

We keep extended hours to better meet your needs opening at 6am Monday through Thursday and remaining open until 10pm. On Fridays we are open from 6am to 4pm and Sunday 9am to 4pm and of course should have an emergency situation we provide 24 hour a day 7 day week emergency services for our customers so they aren’t left waiting to have their locks repaired or replaced or to have their keys or key fobs replaced.

To get your key fob replaced or to for any other lock or key replacement and repair give us a call at 1-480-941-7239. we are the best replacement key fob company in Arizona.


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