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Arizona Keys is proud to provide top-notch quality and customer service to all our customers. We provide fast, friendly help when you need it, where you need it. But don't take our word for it, read what our clients have to say.

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Jeff S. from Phoenix, AZ says:

I needed a locksmith because I'd just moved in to a new-to-me home with a smart lock equipped front door and several "dumb" locks elsewhere that needed to be re-keyed. I called Levi and was able to schedule an appointment with him later that week.

Levi arrived on time and walked me through the different options I had with each lock. One lock was of an unusual design that could not be readily re-keyed, so Levi suggested that I could hire someone else who may possibly be able to re-key it, or I could replace the lock with a similar one. I was concerned because my wife loved the style of our new place as-is and didn't want to change anything, but the replacement lock Levi provided was a great fit, and she was very happy with it.

After Levi was done changing out the ~6 locks that I needed to be re-keyed to the same lock/key, he had me inspect his work on each lock and everything worked great.

I paid Levi and we parted ways, but 20 minutes later I got a call from him. He was calling because he'd forgotten to mention that my Schlage smart lock front door would interface well with my Ring alarm system and with my Amazon Echo devices. After chatting with him, I figured out that I could link my front door lock with my Ring alarm system to lock/unlock the door via the Ring mobile app. I then set up an Amazon Alexa routine to automatically lock the door (if it wasn't locked already) as part of turning on the Ring alarm system before we went to sleep.

I'd highly recommend Levi to help you with your locksmithing needs! 🙂

Brittany C. from Chandler, AZ says:

Excellent service! I sent a quote request out yesterday morning and heard back from Levi fairly soon after. He was very clear and upfront about his pricing and what the repair would entail. He was flexible with his availability, messaged me when he was on his way and arrived within our scheduled window. He got right to work and finished within about half an hour. With everything going on, he even went through the trouble of disinfecting everything he had touched after he was done. I highly recommend him and I will absolutely use his services again in the future.

Layne D. from Phoenix, AZ says:

What a truly great experience. Needed to rekey the front door so I called the day before I was hoping to have it done. Levi answered right away and was able to come after I got off work on my selected day. He called about a half an hour before he arrived and immediately introduced himself.

Once he checked out the front door, he also inquired about any other locks in the condo and made the recommendation that we rekey another lock on the patio that I never would have thought about. He wasn't pushy at all, just genuinely offering helpful advice and his personal recommendation. He was friendly, professional, and extremely helpful. He was able to rekey our locks in record time providing great service. Prices were reasonable as well.

We were also working on another project in the kitchen while he was there and he overheard us having issues with a new drill. He offered to take a look and helped us get it working, something he absolutely did not have to do! It was super nice and appreciated.

I would definitely recommend him and will use him again for any future needs. Thank you Levi!

Chris K. from Sparks, NV says:

My tenants called me (on a Sunday) about a front door lock that was failing. Levi showed up quickly, gave me a detailed summary of the problem and also provided several options to choose from.... we were very happy with the final result.

He also communicated with my tenants very professionally and worked with them to fix the problem on their schedule. 1000% satisfied!

Aly H. from Scottsdale, AZ says:

I needed a bunch of locks changed on a new house.  It was last minute and I called fairly early in the morning, hoping to schedule an appointment for that same day (preferably that morning).  Levi answered the phone and was as positive, professional, and accommodating as could be.  I briefly explained the situation and he was able to give me a window within the timeframe I requested, sent me a text to let me know he was on his way, and showed up right on time.  I literally handed him a gallon sized ziplock bag full of keys and told him I had no idea what was what and can he please help me.  He didn't even bat an eye...this was easy peasy.  We walked through the house and he told me what he would do...he did it...and not much later, I walked away with two sets of keys.  He consolidated about 15+ keys into TWO (including extra copies), which was all
I needed.  To say he is a stand up guy; professional, honest, and fair; doesn't speak highly enough.  He knows his stuff, gets it done (with a great, positive attitude); and he is so reasonably priced, I was actually surprised.  I will never use another locksmith again and will highly recommend Levi to everyone I know.
Thank you Levi, you're the best!!!

Prasad N. from Scottsdale, AZ says:

My garage door wouldn't open as it got locked. Had to change the lock. The service was quick and at a short notice. I was happy with the service.

Nick R. Spring, TX says:

Outstanding service. I moved to Arizona a week ago and locked my keys in my truck the first night. I don't have interior door panels, which meant the lock mechanisms weren't accessible the typical way a locksmith would need to jimmy it open. Levi worked on my truck for an hour and a half before he was able to engineer a mechanics claw and reach in to pull on a bearing to get my door open. He could have told me after the first 15 minutes, the amount of time any other job would have taken him, to call someone else. But he didn't. He was beyond insistent to figure out a solution, and sure enough he did. Not an easy one either. This man is dedicated to good service and problem solving, and as long as I'm in Arizona, there's no one else I'll rely on for any of my lock and key needs.

Thanks again, Levi, for getting me out of not just one jam, but two. Your effor doesn't go unnoticed. Good luck with your company, I'm positive you're going to find well-deserved success.

Leen B. from Scottsdale, AZ says:

All I can say is, definitely use the services of this company!  We just moved to AZ and having been going through the parade of waiting for technicians and services to be performed for our home has been time consuming.  Arizona Key Locks and our man Levi changed our entire perception.

1. He called before the window of service to let me know his eta and confirmed when he was 20 min away

2. Levi was actually on the top end of the service time window.   Which was great! I didn't have to spend 2-3 hours waiting, chained to the house.

3.  Super efficient and very fair, reasonable price quotes for changing and re-keying our locks, total of 9 locks!

4. He did the service right after I agreed to the quote, even offered to schedule for the next day if that was more convenient.  Levi was very accommodating was able to finish installing and re- keying in less than an hour.  Even fixing minor issues to allow for a smoother turn key.

I would highly highly recommend Levi and Arizona Keys Locksmith.  The 5 star review is well deserved!

Leonardo O. from Spring, TX says:

It was an amazing service, fast and excellent price, thank you Levi.

I called him and he has at my office an hour later, very professional and straight forward.

Both offices were ready in 20 min for two locks.

Lisa M. from Scottsdale, AZ says:

Excellent, responsive and on-time service.  Had the parts in stock that needed to be replaced and completed work within an hour.

Answered call on first try and provided a 2 hour window for service.  Called before arrival and was professional and helpful.

Tim R. from Mesa, AZ says:

Ok I have never wrote a yelp review nor did I even have the app ; Levi was so impressive that it motivated me to install the app just to say Thank You. I knew nothing about him or the company until today when my ignition switch ceased to function in my driveway.

This guy is fast, on time, honest, professional and will really think about the situation to offer up reasonable
alternatives that are not only creative, but potentially cost savers. This guy doesn't sell you what you don't need and I have to say real honest service and professionalism is just hard to find. This guy is awesome to say the least.

I'll NEVER look for a locksmith for as long as I live in the area, EVER.  You shouldn't look any further- hire Levi.