Keyless Door Lock

Keyless door locks have been around for several years now. For those of you who don’t know what a keyless door lock is, these lock are locks that you can lock and unlock with the use of traditional keys. Instead these locks use a remote control or a combination key pad to work the lock.

The first keyless locks were designed for cars and consisted of a key pad built above the handle of the car door. Instead of using a key to unlock a car door owners would press in a combination to gain entry to their cars. These original keyless door locks could unlock the drivers and passenger doors as well as the trunk when the right combination was pressed.

 More details A biometric electronic lock with PIN entry
A biometric electronic lock with PIN entry

Modern Keyless Door Locks

Modern keyless door locks aren’t just for car doors anymore, while these types of locks can still be found on cars they also can be found in homes as a residential locking device, businesses and on security gates.

Keyless Door Locks for Businesses

Keyless door locks for business can help to increase the security of your business. Locks for businesses come in different varieties. Some of these locks can be programmed to lock or unlock at certain times of the day while others can actually record who opens the doors and when they were opened.

Business keyless door locks for business may consist of a keypad which you key in a certain combination or are opened using a remote. Remotes may be worked by a keypad, WiFi, Smartcard, Key Fob or fingerprints.

Keyless Door Locks for Your Home

Keyless door locks for your home are pretty much like those for your business. These locks may be operated by a keypad, WiFi, Smartcard, key fob or fingerprints. Keyless Door locks can increase the security of your home because there are no key holes making it more difficult if not impossible for theives to pick your lock. Once you check and make sure that your doors are locked everyone inside is safe unless theives actually break down the door itself.

Keep in mind that keyless door locks for your home and business are hooked into your electrical system and most have an override so that if your electric fails, the doors automatically unlock to

Keyless Door Lock
Simple PIN electronic lock securing an elevator By D4m1en – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

allow you to get out of the building. This means if your electric goes out your home or business will be left unprotected, so it is always a good idea to have a back up lock system in place for that added protection to your home.

Keyless Door Locks for Your Car

While some older models of cars may still have the key pad above the door handle many newer keyless door locks for cars operate remotely using the key fob. Keyless door locks for cars for may unlock the doors, the trunk and even start the engine. Some of the fobs even have a panic button you can press that sounds the cars horn.

Do keep in mind that keyless door locks while handy and convenient won’t keep theives from getting into your car, which is why some European insurance companies require people with keyless locks on their cars to also have manual locks.

Choosing a Keyless Door Locks If you are considering purchasing a keyless door lock for your home and business you need to contact a professional locksmith and let them inspect your home or business and see what type of keyless door lock they recommend for your home and business. They will be able to discuss with the pros and cons of each different type of keyless door locks and help you to make an informed decision of which keyless door lock will be most suitable for your needs.

A professional licensed locksmith can not only advise you about which keyless door locks are best for you but can also install those locks pro


Keyless Door Lock Installation

When having a keyless door lock installed in your home or business you need the skills of a licensed locksmith that has had specialized training in these types of locks, as locksmiths installing smart-locks must also have some electrical knowledge in order to be able to properly install a keyless lock and its accessories. You simply don’t want someone without the proper training to be messing around with your homes electric.

Repairing Keyless Door Locks

Like any other lock, Keyless door locks are not immune to malfunctioning. A power surge, problems with a particular lock itself, or problems with the access system can result in your Smartlock or keyless door lock malfunctioning. When this occurs you will need an experienced locksmith to repair or replace your keyless lock. They will be able to diagnosis the problem with your keyless lock and then repair the lock so that it once again functioning as it as it should.

You must keep in mind that not every locksmith has the training to repair these types of locks so make sure that you have the number of an electronic locksmith on hand should an e

A keycard lock, commonly found on commercial buildings and hotel rooms
A keycard lock, commonly found on commercial buildings and hotel rooms

mergency arise.

Keyless locks are here to stay and sooner or later you will come across one in a home, business, or car so it is essential when choosing a locksmith to meet your lock repair needs you choose one that is able to repair or install electrical keyless door locks.

Here at Arizona Keys Locksmith we have the skilled professional locksmiths that are trained in the installation and repair of keyless locks.

Whether you are looking to have a keyless lock installed or repaired or simply need or want a mechanical lock, a key copied or have some other lock or key issue we will be more than happy to aid you in your time of need. If you need a professional and skilled locksmith service why not give us a call at 1-480-941-7239 and we will be more than happy to be of service to you

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